Now, You Can Beat Search Engines On Their Own Game!

"Turn ANY Duplicate Contents Into UNIQUE to Your Blog without Writing Even a Single Word!"

It Doesn't Matter Whether You Are Using Rehased PLR Articles Or Scraped Contents From Article Directories. This Powerful Wordpress Plugin Will Turn Them Into Unique To You, AUTOMATICALLY!

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Gama Seva

From : Gama Seva

Attention Bloggers:

Are you a lazy blogger that hates writing even a single line of contents on your Wordpress blog? Are you a type of blogger that loves to scrape other people contents from article directories such as Ezine, Article Dashboard etc.? If so, then 99.9% you are using auto-blogging plugins and rehashed PLR articles.

There's nothing wrong about it specially nowadays, authors will even love you for spreading their writings and the links embedded therein. It's a free publicity right?

"The Unpopular Google's Duplicate Contents Penalty"

But there's a problem on these way of blogging recently, this multi-colored search engine called Google created the chaos! The very unpopular Google Duplicate Contents Penalty thing.

This is a part of Google's series of slaps... Google simply dropping websites with contents that are copied from other websites who originally published the contents as defined by their robots!

I myself loves automated blogging, I like to automate as much of my income as I possibly can. Therefore, I set up a ton of blogs that pull content automatically to get a ton of visitors which in turn puts a nice chunk of cash in my pockets every month from things like Adsense, CPA, affiliate programs, and adding people to my list.

The problem I was running into is that tons of other people were doing the same thing. The content that was being dripped to my blogs was also being dripped to 100's of other blogs and I started to see a decline in my rankings and traffic because the same content that I was using was on tons of other sites as well.

"I've Seen Enough! It's Time
To Slap Back"


WP Content Spinner Plugin

People in Google don't check duplicate contents one by one, as it is next to impossible! ;-) They are simply using robots to check all these duplicate contents and you know robot aint human, it can be easily tricked if you know how!

Luckily, we know how... and that's WP Content Spinner is all about! This plugin simply turns duplicate contents unique to your site automatically.

This was accomplished by simply changing some of the "code" in the html to basically allow the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to see your content as Unique...So unique that it passes CopyScape every single time, even though it is content being pulled from other sites.

"Totally Automatic And Easy To Use"

If you use WordPress as a blogging platform then chances are good you are familiar with plugins like WP-O-Matic and the likes that automatically pull and post content to your blog. WP Content Spinner works hand in hand with these types of plugins.


Checkmark Spin Contents Automatically On the Background - It takes the content that is being posted, works its magic and gives you content that is unique to you. Thease all happens without human intervention.
Checkmark Search Engines Will Index Your Posts And Gain Better Ranking Faster -  Because your contents are unique to you, all these robots will love your sites which in turn gives you a hell of a better chance of achieving excellent rankings. Which of course we all know, means more money.
Checkmark Easy To Install, No Technical Knowledge Required - Just upload WP Content Spinnerinto your Wordpress blog plugin directory and activate. No more configuration or customization required, that's it!

You see, you don't even need to write a single line of contents to your blog this is simply designed as a truly for lazy bloggers tool!

See my live Auto-Blog using WP Content Spinner :

  1. Sample # 1 - AutoCAD Outsourcing

As you can see, contents are human readable in fact, sometimes they're even better that the original contents! :)

Ok, perhaps you are now wondering how much will cost you to own this cool piece of software and whether we are going to ask for charge aninsane price for it.

Let's be frank, I am not interested in making an insane amount of money selling this tool. I'm here to help you grow your online business by providing you tools to automate most of your tasks so that you can have more time to spend with your loved ones.

Before we go further and reveal the price, here are some facts you need to know:

First up, understand that there are only a couple of other similar tools out on the market today and one of them sells for $97! 

That may seem a tad overpriced but when you weigh it against the potential benefits, you'll realize it can help tremendously in creating more blogs that will grow on complete autopilot and increase the amount of your sales exponentially. Hence, it literally pays for itself... Possibly in just a few days time!

Furthermore, WP Content Spinner was designed with the end user in mind... We've made it ultra simple for you and all you need to do is to install it and will automatically turns your duplicate contents into gold in no time. 

Put it simply, this is a complete no-brainer!

So How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?

Here's the deal:

Now we certainly do not intend to charge you $97. Yes, the returns and amount of time saved it can bring for you by using WP Content Spinner could quite be worth more than this fee.

But we know for a fact that by charging such a steep price, it might effectively shut out many marketers who should be taking full advantage of such a fantastic tool but simply can't afford it at this point of time. 

You see, we've been well-known for over-delivering on the software we create and making it really affordable for the masses. Our past customers have all testified to that and we certainly want to keep it this way.

So we have decided to make this technology easily accessible for just about any struggling marketer and set the price at just a low one time fee of...

$97 $67

And For A Limited Time, The
Insane Price of Only...

Ok, we shall be frank here.. We are doing this for a couple of reasons. One is we're seeking testimonials for this new software. Another is we would like to recruit JV partners to promote this software. Once we've gathered enough testimonials, the price WILL increase without warning!

So again, $47 is all it will take to own your own copy of WP Content Spinner.

Irresistible Incentive: Lifetime Upgrades
and Full Technical Support

You get lifetime upgrades completely free of charge. So when we add in more features as time goes by, you'll receive them without having to pay a single cent. Even when we raise the price in the future, you do not have to pay extra.

In addition, you receive full technical support for WP Content Spinner.

So now the only other question is "What are you waiting for?"

Let's face it...

If you are serious about increasing your sites rankings over time, you'll download WP Content Spinner right now and start creating dozens of blogs and automate the conversion every single blog post for months ahead.

Your online income will also drastically improve. Traffic, leads and sales will keep coming non-stop from the search engines and you'll never have to worry again about continuously update your blogs manually one by one.

You only need a low one time investment... Which will eventually convert into thousands of dollars in the long term. So we urge you to take action at this very moment.


 Yes Gama, I Need This Tool Now! 

WP Content Spinner Plugin

One Time Payment Of

Remember to click on the 'Return to Merchant' button after you purchase to receive your download instantly!!

"Get HUGE Discount By Just Helping Us Spread The Words!"

I know $47 is a bit steep specially for those who are just starting out and considering that economy is not really doing well these last few months. So, here's my proposition.

Help us to spread the words about WP Content Spinner and I will give you huge discount for this little wonder.

To Your Blogging Success,

Gama Seva
   Gama Seva
   Ttrigy Networks, Inc.
   Toronto, ON., Canada

P.S. Remember, you're backed by our no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose as the risk is on us! Click here to order now!

P.P.S. In just a few hours time, you can potentially have dozens of blogs in all kinds of niches acting as automated sales profit machines for your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

P.P.P.S. So do not hate yourself if you missed out this offer as we plan to remove this amazing piece of software out of the market one day. Click here to secure your software now!

Download WP Content Spinner Plugin Now!

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Satisfied Customers

"Happens Like Magic"

I've been lucky enough to test WP Content Spinner and all I can say is WOW!

Unlike other contents spinner software, WP Content Spinner will never require you to write even a single word, everything happens just like magic!

I'm a certified lazy blogger and this software make me even lazier :) Amazing!!!

If you are fan of automatic blogging or auto-blogs then WP Content Spinner is a perfect match!

Lance H.
South Dakota

Satisfied Customers

 "An Important Tool For Lazy Blogger"

I've been looking for this kind of plugin for almost a year now but I hadn't find any...

Just yesterday I stumbled upon Gama's WP Content Spinner from his Thank You page and I bought it quickly.

Good thing I subscribed to one of his list (free Twitter software) otherwise my auto-blogs will be left behind...

Great plugin Gama and I can't thank you enough for offering this such a very important tool for lazy blogger like me :)

 Chicago Illinois

Satisfied Customers

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