Here's The List of WP Content Spinner Features :

  • Very easy to install, that even 4 years old kid can do. Just upload the plugin via FTP and activate.

  • Automatically spin blog contents on the background by replacing uneccessary words with ASCII equivalents to please the bots eye but preserving the original contents exactly as it is.

  • Works totally in autopilot. You don't need any settings, you really just need it to install and forget.

  • Perfect match for Automatic Blogging or auto-blogs. This plugin was created to work hand and hand with those scraped articles or contents.

  • Works with the latest version of Wordpress 3.xx.

  • Install to as many Wordpress blogs of you own as you want.


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Satisfied Customers

"Happens Like Magic"

I've been lucky enough to test WP Content Spinner and all I can say is WOW!

Unlike other contents spinner software, WP Content Spinner will never require you to write even a single word, everything happens just like magic!

I'm a certified lazy blogger and this software make me even lazier :) Amazing!!!

If you are fan of automatic blogging or auto-blogs then WP Content Spinner is a perfect match!

Lance H.
South Dakota

Satisfied Customers

 "An Important Tool For Lazy Blogger"

I've been looking for this kind of plugin for almost a year now but I hadn't find any...

Just yesterday I stumbled upon Gama's WP Content Spinner from his Thank You page and I bought it quickly.

Good thing I subscribed to one of his list (free Twitter software) otherwise my auto-blogs will be left behind...

Great plugin Gama and I can't thank you enough for offering this such a very important tool for lazy blogger like me :)

 Chicago Illinois

Satisfied Customers

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